The Range

The Oli6 nutrition range leverages the natural benefits of goat and bovine milk and is made in Australia to provide delicious, safe and high quality nutritional products that you and your loved ones can trust.

Our Market

Since the launch of our world-class formula brand Oli6® in 2016, we have grown with and for our customers with premium nutritionals that aid digestion and immunity. Proudly Australian, today our footprint spans Australia, New Zealand and China with a growing product portfolio to support health, wellbeing and nutrition at all stages of life.  


Nuchev recognises  breast milk is the best choice for babies. 
We also understand that for women who cannot breastfeed or choose to move on to formula, its important they have access to a high quality formula that meets their nutritional needs.  

Toddler Nutrition

Nuchev’s Dairy Goat Toddler Milk Drink is targeted at the 1 to 3 year age group to help with a balanced diet for children of this age group. 

Health and Well-being

Proudly Australian made, our premium range of nutritional products aid digestion and immunity for better health and wellbeing at every stage of life. 


A large part of our product offering is made from goat’s milk. Studies have also found that goat’s milk formula naturally contains 250-300mg/L oligosaccharides, which represents up to six times the concentration of prebiotic oligosaccharides than in standard cow’s milk and cow’s milk formula to assist in the digestion process*