There is plenty of actions going on at our Project 10K breeding farm. Hundreds of  donor goats have made the long journey from our Queensland farm, Nanny Grove, to their new Victorian home near Ballarat. To accompany the donor goats, we have rangeland recipient goats arriving every week


Goats Arriving at Their Victorian Home


The Project 10K (P10K) team, led by Warren Blyth, Nuchev General Manger of Farming, is building a beautiful home for the goats, focusing on their health, in preparation for the first round of the embryo transfer program.

Project 10K Breeding Program is building the foundation for the Nuchev vision of becoming the most trusted health and nutrition solutions from dairy goat. The program adopts the most innovative breeding approach, combines science research and best practice farming, to accelerate the yield of dairy goats and milk.

“We are proud to establish Australia’s first large scale innovative dairy goat breeding and farming program. I trust our partners with their expertise and experience in animal breeding technology; I support the program by bringing in a group of highly skilled agriculture and commercial talents” Chief Executive Ben Dingle said.

P10K will deliver 20,000 pregnant yearling does to Nanny Grove Victoria farm over the period 2016 to 2018. These 20,000 goats will produce over 16 million litres of milk a year.

Nuchev’s senior management team will be on P10K site next week to be part of goats’ orientation and capture these actions that bring us closer to the Nuchev vision.