Nuchev Secures Up To A$20 Million In Financing From ADM Capital

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MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA: 13 September 2016 — Globally oriented health and nutrition company Nuchev today announced the successful completion of up to A$20 million in financing from Hong Kong based investment manager ADM Capital.

Nuchev, an Australian-owned company headquartered in Melbourne, launched its Oli6® range of premium goat’s milk formula products through Australian pharmacies in May this year.

The capital will be primarily utilised to accelerate growth of Oli6® in the initial core markets of Australia and China. The Chinese market, with its high demand for premium nutritional products, is strategically important for Nuchev and the company will commence sales through its distributors and marketing activities there in October.

“We are excited to secure this funding, which provides us with the resources to expand our Australian reach, but also develop into China and other growth markets,” said Ben Dingle, Founder and CEO of Nuchev. “We are targeting the fast-growing and increasingly sophisticated premium segment of the market, where consumers are placing significant value on the health benefits, origin, quality and safety of food products, including infant formula. We have no reason to believe this demand will slow any time soon.

“The essence of the Oli6® brand has been well received by both consumers and trade channels. This market traction is due to a clear point of difference based around the benefits of goat’s milk and the fact that the product is Australian manufactured,” Mr Dingle continued.

The key differentiators for Oli6® lie in the naturally derived, functional qualities of goat’s milk. Goat’s milk is naturally high in prebiotic oligosaccharides and has a unique protein and fat structure.

Nuchev is breeding its own substantial herd of dairy goats on a property north of Ballarat, to underpin long-term growth and secure a sustainable source of Australian goat milk. In July, the Geelong City Council Planning Committee approved Nuchev’s application to build state-of-the-art facilities to house and milk goats in the area, which are anticipated to bring broad business opportunities and job growth to the Geelong region.

Mei Colani Li, Partner at ADM Capital, said Nuchev’s clear business strategy, professional management team alongside demonstrated capability, and Asian focus, attracted the group to the investment opportunity. “Agribusinesses like Nuchev, which operate in Australia, have an Asian distribution focus and fulfil an identifiable gap in the food chain, provide interesting opportunities for us,” she said.

“We see a real opening to become the market leader in the supply of Australian-manufactured goat milk formula products, and securing this investment gives us the opportunity to fast track the execution of our strategy,” Mr Dingle said. “We are delighted to be working with ADM Capital, as they share our recognition of the value in offering premium, differentiated food products to the Australian, Chinese and broader Asian markets.”

Greenstone Partners acted as financial advisor to Nuchev in brokering the funding agreement with ADM Capital.

We support and ride for Charity

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Ben's team racingNuchev Rides for CharityBen Dingle and Associates took part in a fundraising bike ride, Around the Bay in a day to raise money for  Australian children in need of the education they deserve.

It is the one day of the year where Melbourne unites to celebrate cycling.

Ben Dingle (CEO) and Associates completed the 210km ride and raised money for charity.

What an amazing achievement!




Nuchev Animal Welfare Policy

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Nuchev commits to the wellbeing of all animals in our care

Nuchev is committed to the humane treatment and fundamental obligations relating to the welfare of all animals under our care throughout their life.

Our focus on animal welfare is not only based on the Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals (The Goat-SCARM Report 32) but through well trained and experienced staff.

Staff Competency
The commitment of our staff is not only important to the success of our operations but to the health and well-being of our goats.
Many of our staff have extensive experience within the agriculture sector and bring invaluable knowledge and experience to the company.
Staff training in Animal Welfare is complimented by ongoing instruction and guidance by our senior farm & management staff.

Care for our goats
* Our goats are monitored daily for their health and wellbeing
* The needs of all our goats are met by ensuring:
* They have adequate nutrition to sustain good health & vigor
* Access to sufficient quality water
* Social contact with other goats
* Sufficient space to move around
* Protection from predation
* Protection from pain, injury and disease
* Protection from extremes of climate which may be life threatening
* Precautions against the effects of natural disasters
* Safe & adequate handling facilities
* Animals needing additional care or treatments are placed into a recovery program, monitored & treated in accordance with veterinary guidelines.

* Our disease prevention includes all general animal health treatments as well as testing, vaccinations and procedures around Johnes Disease, Q Fever and CAE.

*  As male goats are not used in the production of milk, Nuchev will keep a number of them for breeding, while the remainder will be grown to target weights for meat consumption in Australia and offshore. Nuchev is also continually looking at other methods of managing its male goat population, including the trialling of sexed semen that will reduce the number of male kids born.

* Disposal of any animal in our care is carried out in accordance with best practice procedures and under veterinarian supervision.

Research & Innovation
Nuchev places a significant importance on research & innovative science.

Our Animal Welfare Program Manager oversees research & implementation of our animal welfare practices.
We are continually developing and improving our management practices to optimize the welfare of all our goats.

Future Direction
Our goal is to maintain a high level of attention to our animal welfare

Continue to invest resources and people in researching, developing and implementing improved welfare systems & practices.

Become a leader in the dairy goat industry with excellent animal welfare practices


Goats Arriving at Their Victorian Home

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There is plenty of actions going on at our Project 10K breeding farm. Hundreds of  donor goats have made the long journey from our Queensland farm, Nanny Grove, to their new Victorian home near Ballarat. To accompany the donor goats, we have rangeland recipient goats arriving every week


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Goat Milk Flavor Development

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Nuchev sponsored Massey University student, Abby Li, is presenting her research work next week at the Degree Show in Auckland New Zealand.

by Xiaoqi Li: Institute of Food, Nutrition & Human Health, Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand

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