Improving lives through premium digestion, immunity and nutrition from dairy.

For ten years, Nuchev has combined the power of science and nature to create functional foods for a better life.

Since the launch of our world-class formula brand Oli6® in 2016, we have grown with and for our customers with premium nutritionals that aid digestion and immunity. Proudly Australian, today our footprint spans Australia, New Zealand and China with a growing product portfolio to support health, wellbeing and nutrition at all stages of life.

Nuchev is a market-leading nutritionals company specialising in digestion and immunity. We develop, market and sell a range of premium, Australian-made nutritional products across multiple channels in Australia and China. Our business model leverages trusted partnerships, from world-class raw ingredient suppliers and Australian-based manufacturers to well-respected distributors and retailers in an established, secure and scalable supply chain.

Nuchev enjoys the benefits of Australia’s outstanding food safety and quality control, combined with industry leading processing facilities, partnerships and people to deliver health and nutrition solutions to our customers.

The Nuchev Team

Nuchev has a highly skilled and experienced management team lead by its CEO Ben Dingle. Their combined skills cut across the key elements of the Nuchev business, from farming and manufacturing to logistic, distribution and sales.

Meet the Nuchev team.